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Damp Wall Treatment: Akuna Station

damp wall treatment akuna station

The Akuna Station is situated in Lowbank on the Lower Murray area between Kingston and Waikerie in South Australia. This area is known as the Riverland wine region where the old estate has since been converted into vineyards and accommodation. Established during the 19th Century, Akuna Station was originally used as a fording station for stock […]

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DRYZONE Damp Proofing: Mannum District Hospital

Mannum District Hospital dryzone damp proofing

In addition to schools, many local hospitals contain older buildings which are prone to rising salt damp and need to be fixed with DRYZONE damp proofing. Located on the west bank of the Murray River, Mannum District Hospital is a public hospital that provides critical services including diagnostic radiology, X-rays, CT, fluoroscopy, inpatient, outpatient, same day […]

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Rising Salt Damp Treatment: Mildura Primary School

salt damp dryzone mildura primary school

Damp Busters have restored a wide range of older buildings, including important local institutions like schools with DRYZONE rising salt damp treatment. Within the Mildura Rural City Council local government area, Mildura Primary School is one of four large primary schools – serving approximately 340 students. The school has a long and rich history, following its […]

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Damp Wall Treatment: The Old Treasury Building Adelaide

adelaide removal salt damp

The heritage listed Old Treasury Building in Adelaide’s CBD was successfully restored with DRYZONE after needing urgent damp wall treatment. Built in stages from 1839-1907, the Old Treasury Building is linked to a history of exploration and surveyance of the selling and governance of land, the expansion of the State’s agricultural and pastoral industries, and executive government. […]

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Do it Yourself!

Just drill a 12mm hole and insert the rod! No problem Do it yourself with DRYROD the revolutionary new treatment for eradicating Rising (Salt) Damp. No liquids, no bottles, no mess, no smell. DRYROD damp-proofing rods are patented 12mm diameter grooved rods that carry a powerful water repellent material. They are simply inserted into 12mm holes in the mortar […]

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Rising Damp Treatments

In the big picture there are two ways to introduce a new damp proof course, mechanical and chemical injection. Mechanical Mechanical is where the operator removes 2/3 bricks at a time, introduces new plastic sheeting, replaces the bricks and repeats the process along the length of the wall. Pros Very efficient Cons Could affect the […]

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