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Damp Wall Treatment: Akuna Station

damp wall treatment akuna station

The Akuna Station is situated in Lowbank on the Lower Murray area between Kingston and Waikerie in South Australia. This area is known as the Riverland wine region where the old estate has since been converted into vineyards and accommodation. Established during the 19th Century, Akuna Station was originally used as a fording station for stock crossing the river, then later as a coach stop and postal depot. Nowadays, the station is an award winning property and home to a truly picturesque riverfront. The word ‘Akuna’ is even thought to be Aboriginal for ‘running water’. The property boasts high cliff tops, scrubland, wetlands, dry farming land and a premium vineyard. A 1875 paddleboat known as Akuna Amphibious houses accomodation. Since being fully restored with luxury appointments up to six guests can stay in the paddleboat. Other accomodation on the property includes a two bedroom original homestead built in 1928 that has been renovated. Akuna Station required damp wall treatment after rising salt damp was discovered to be affecting the structure of the building.

damp wall treatment akuna station

Damp Wall Treatment for Akuna

This is another case where DRYZONE damp wall treatment was used to successfully fix the problem. Obviously it is important that any issues like this one get attended to as fast as possible in order to ensure the safety of all visitors and employees and that there is minimal disruption to the operations of the business. That is why DRYZONE was the best treatment for the job as it is effective, fast, non toxic, clean and safe, as well as being guaranteed to fix all rising damp problems. Moisture in the walls is minimised, the build-up of ground salts is blocked and heat-loss reduced due to DYZONE creating the best possible barrier to rising damp. Around the world independent test houses have verified the effectiveness of DRYZONE under a wide range of conditions. The examined test conditions include: saturated walls and mortar with low and high alkalinity, low and high porosity, lime-based and cement-based mortar.

Did you know?

Damp Busters introduced DRYZONE into the Australian Market in 2003, and since that time, we have treated hundreds of buildings, including heritage listed, with a 100% success rate.

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