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Damp Wall Treatment: The Old Treasury Building Adelaide

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The heritage listed Old Treasury Building in Adelaide’s CBD was successfully restored with DRYZONE after needing urgent damp wall treatment. Built in stages from 1839-1907, the Old Treasury Building is linked to a history of exploration and surveyance of the selling and governance of land, the expansion of the State’s agricultural and pastoral industries, and executive government. The Treasury building was the centre of South Australia’s administrative and governmental affairs for over 130 years, and housed the Cabinet Room from 1876 until 1968. One of its original walls is still standing, however, the structure has now been restored and redeveloped as Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury. Despite the redevelopment, the Old Treasury Building is a fond reminder of Adelaide’s history and stands as a prime example of the cities’ architectural beauty.

Guided tours of the old Cabinet Room and tunnels that were used for the secure transport of gold under the building are run by the National Trust of South Australia. During the tours visitors can find out all about one of Adelaide’s oldest colonial buildings which experienced everything from floods and riots to historic reforms. The National Trust of South Australia is a community based, not-for-profit, non-government organisation. NTSA is involved in the active conservation, management and promotion of the State’s natural, indigenous, build, historic heritage and culture. 

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Damp Wall Treatment

Unfortunately with high salinity soil, in addition to a hotter and drier climate, South Australia is especially susceptible to rising salt damp. Higher levels of salinity means that there are considerable rates of transpiration through the walls, and evaporation out of the walls. Moreover, remaining salts on the wall surfaces draw more moisture from the atmosphere into the wall.

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Did you know?

Damp Busters introduced DRYZONE into the Australian Market in 2003, and since that time, we have treated hundreds of buildings, including heritage listed, with a 100% success rate.

For damp proof injection, damp wall treatment or damp proofing in Adelaide or wherever you are located in Australia, contact the Dryzone applicator from your state.