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Rising Salt Damp Treatment: Mildura Primary School

salt damp dryzone mildura primary school

Damp Busters have restored a wide range of older buildings, including important local institutions like schools with DRYZONE rising salt damp treatment. Within the Mildura Rural City Council local government area, Mildura Primary School is one of four large primary schools – serving approximately 340 students. The school has a long and rich history, following its establishment in 1888. In 1891 construction began on the current site of Mildura Primary School, whilst a year later a second building was established. Over the past 100 years there has been developments to many of the school’s buildings. Up until the end of 2011 Mildura Primary operated on separate sites for more than 50 years, however this changed when the sites incorporated and began operating as one. With a focus on ‘Kids First’ and value for the community, this primary school is a priceless asset to Mildura.

Mildura Primary School rising salt damp treatment

Rising Salt Damp treatment Mildura Primary School

Rising Salt Damp Treatment

The issue of rising salt damp is a prevalent problem internationally, and it is a large cause of decay to masonry materials such as brick, stone and mortar throughout Australia and especially South Australia.

Mildura Primary School’s old, red brick building was another successful DRYZONE rising salt damp treatment project. The school takes great pride in the way it presents itself to the local community so we were glad to help restore the building so that staff and students could continue to enjoy it.

mildura primary rising salt damp treatment

Did you know?

DRYZONE is the world’s leading treatment for eradicating rising salt damp. Damp Busters introduced DRYZONE into the Australian Market in 2003, and since that time, we have treated hundreds of buildings, including heritage listed, with a 100% success rate. DRYZONE is non toxic, as well as being a treatment that is fast, effective, clean, safe and good value.

For rising salt damp removal, contact the Dryzone applicator from your state.