How it Works - Dryzone

Why Use Dryzone?

Effective, Fast, Non Toxic, Safe, Clean, Best Value & Suitable for DIY

Developed in the U.K. in 2000 DRYZONE is the result of an extensive in-house research and development programme. This involved the screening and testing of hundreds of potential formulations. These tests demonstrate that DRYZONE offers a higher degree of protection against rising damp than the chemical injection systems that it was designed to replace and is now the best selling system in the world.

Most walls requiring salt damp treatment have voids and /or fissures which provide the course of least resistance. Fluids will flow more readily through these voids minimising their effectiveness as even distribution of the coursing fluid is not assured. DRYZONE targeted treatment uses the same capillary action as the rising damp and diffuses evenly thus eliminating the uncertainty of un-even installation which comes with fluid solvent systems.

Dryzone Application

  1. Drilling
    First create a series of horizontal drill holes along the mortar course. Typically these are
    12mm holes at 110mm spacings – refer to the Dryzone Application Instructions for details
    for particular wall thicknesses.

  2. Preparation
    Insert a Dryzone cartridge into the applicator gun, ensuring the pressure piston is fully extended. Cut into the end of the cartridge so that cream will be able to flow freely. Screw the nozzle cap back onto the gun.

  3. Injection
    Fully insert the nozzle into the first drilled hole, and then inject Dryzone cream while withdrawing the nozzle at a steady rate. Stop injecting just before removing the nozzle from the wall. Repeat for remaining holes.

Environmentally Friendly

DRYZONE was designed with the environment in mind and its concentrated formulation, over 60% active ingredients, does not use a liquid chemical solvent as a carrier for those ingredients. The formulation is based on silicones derived from quartz, which are widely used to manufacture a wide variety of products from medical instruments to cosmetics and sealants.

This in turn is introduced into the wall via a water-based cream carrier that contains no hydro-carbon solvents and is non-caustic and non-flammable. People with allergies have no cause for concern when using DRYZONE.

Best Value

DRYZONE contains 63% by weight active ingredients, compared to 15- 20% by weight active ingredients in competitive creams now being sold in Australia, giving superior results (click here for independent test report).

One tube of DRYZONE will treat 5m of single brick which at $99 a tube equates to $20 per metre. Save $$$$$ by doing it yourself.


Traditional chemical injection systems, have (prior to the conception of creams) been carried out by introducing silicones into the wall via a paraffin based carrier which have recently proven to be dangerous with a house being demolished by an explosion in South Australia due to poor safety procedures by the installer. DRYZONE contains no volatile chemicals and is completely safe.


DRYZONE can be injected 2 to 3 times faster than ordinary liquid injection fluids. Treatment can therefore be completed earlier, minimising disruption to the householder, with no unsightly bottles protruding from the wall for a long period of time. Because of this, and the lack of any unpleasant smells, all rooms treated, including bedrooms, are habitable the same day.


DRYZONE is not injected under pressure. The risk of fluid leaking into neighbouring rooms or properties and causing damage is therefore eliminated. Being a water based cream which is injected by nozzle directly into pre drilled holes DRYZONE eliminates the risk of damage to carpets and floor covers caused by spillage common with liquid injection fluids which, if not pumped under high pressure, is gravity fed through protruding bottles which are prone to leak.

DRYZONE does not contain any hydrocarbon solvents, is non toxic and has no smell. You can use your room the same day as the application. Bedrooms can be slept in the same night without the risk of irritating smells. No other injection system will offer this. Anyone with asthma has no concerns.

Suitable for DIY

The same DRYZONE our technicians use is easy to DIY. See our DIY page for details.